Experience beautiful landscapes filled with so much life, you won't believe your eyes - Visit the paradise on two wheels!
The Pantanal (Portuguese: Swamp) is a one of kind UNESCO World Heritage Site and one of the biggest wetlands worldwide. It stretches over Brazil, Paraguay, Bolivia and Argentina. From October till April it is literally under water. Right after it can be described as one of the world’s greatest zoos under a clear blue open sky.  
The Pantanal’s rich nature is an exotic wildlife-mixture combined with lush vegetation without comparison: 700 different birds, 100 types of mammals, more than 200 reptiles and amphibians.
Logically the inhabitants of this beautiful part of our world dedicate the biggest part of their lifes to stockbreeding. Like the traditional horseback riding Gauchos and their herds of cattle. Another important part of the Pantanal is its sustainable tourism with a focus on keeping the wonderful nature as it is which makes travelling the Pantanal a highly exclusive experience.

Join us on an unbelievable motorcycle adventure through a natural paradise!   


Day 0: Flight to Sao Paulo, then connecting…

Day 1: São Paulo to Cuiabá

Day 2: Entering Pantanal to Poconé
Riding Distance: 160 km (45 km earth road)

Day 3: Transpantaneira
Riding Distance: 210 km earth road

Day 4: From Swamps to the sandstone formations of Chapada dos Guimarães
Riding Distance: 215 km (46 km earth road)

Day 5: From Chapada dos Guimarães to Primavera do Leste
Riding Distance: 207 km (10 km earth road)

Day 6: Barra do Garças
Riding Distance: ca. 307 km (4 km earth road)

Day 7: National Park das Emas
Riding Distance: 330 km

Day 8: Safari on two wheels das Emas
Riding Distance: 227 km (50 km earth road)

Day 9: Pantanals south - Sete Cascatas
Riding Distance: 270 km

Day 10: Live like the Gauchos – Farm insights
Riding Distance: 327 km (217 km earth road)

Day 11: Just relax
No riding

Day 12: The heart of Pantanal
Riding Distance: 272 km (134 km earth road)

Day 13: Back to civilization – Serra da Bodoquena
Riding Distance: 320 km (140 km earth road and gravel)

Day 14: Enjoy nature – go swimming
Riding Distance: 20 km

Day 15: Bonito
Riding Distance: 115 km (35 km earth road)

Day 16: Long way to Campo Grande
Riding Distance: 305 km

Day 17: Flight to São Paulo - Departure


4950 €

04.09. - 20.09.2020
03.09. - 19.09.2021
BIKES: Yamaha XT660
RIDING DISTANCE: 3285 km (900 km earth road)

ENTRY: EU-Citizens just need their passport, which is still valid for at least six months. Non-EU Citizens please get in touch with us.


  • 16 nights in double rooms

  • Domestic flights

  • Bike (Yamaha XT 660)

  • All breakfasts and dinners

  • Professional motorcycle guide

  • Service-Truck / Baggage transportation

  • Mechanic

  • Entry-fees

  • Road- and parking-fees

  • Airport shuttles on arrival and departure


  • Lunch, drinks and coffee breaks

  • Flight to/from Sao Paulo

  • gasoline