FAQ - Frequently asked Questions

Is there a minimum number of participants?

Our motorcycle tours can only be possible with at least 5 participants. If we won't reach the minimum number of participants we may cancel the tour four weeks prior to the tour start date. We'll inform you instantly and will repay any payments that may have been forwarded already. Please feel free to ask about the actual status of specific tours at any time.

Double room or single room?

If you choose double rooms but you don't name a room mate, we will usually find one for you. We just need another participant of the tour who would like to share a room. If we cannot find a roommate for you, we will automatically book you into a single room with additional charges according to our single room fees. We strongly recommend though, that you do your booking already together with your favourite room mate.

Are (non-riding) companions welcome?

Companions are very welcome and can join us by travelling in our comfortable van.

Do I need insurance?

You surely need a travel health insurance that will pay for any eventuality in the travelled countries. You might think about one that also takes you home with a lear jet in case of complication with your special case or if the hospital situation is not sufficient enough. Another often used insurance is the travel luggage insurance that comes in in case of loss or theft.

Do the riders have to follow the tour guide?

In most cases our guides will send you onwards up to a defined meeting point along the road and then follow. This gives you all the freedom to take your time and pace and even pictures as often as you want. Also you might feel like stopping along the road to enjoy the breathtaking scenery. And you may almost always on our tours feel free to do so.

Which languages do the tour guides speak?

Our guides speak fluently English and German, Spanish and Portuguese. Also a little bit of French and Italian can be spoken. Our main language on tour should be mostly English as soon as there are more nationalities with different mother languages envolved. If we have for example a pure German speaking group, the language spoken maybe German then, of course.

Do the participants have to transport their luggage?

Most of your luggage will be transported in our Support-Van. For your daily utensils you might want to carry a waterprotected bag to strap on to the back of the bike or a small backpack.

What kind of riding experience is needed for the motorcycle tours?

We recommend that you are able to have full control over the bike you are riding at home in regular road conditions. A specific trail-training is not needed, even though it can never be too much knowledge and experience on the bike. For everyone that is not so common with gravel roads we will do our best to instruct you how to handle these different road conditions. And in the hardest cases we can always offer a ride in our comfortable van and carry your bike over the worst tracks. This though has only been requested 3 times in 12 years. And one of these was due to a weakening fever of the pilot. ;D